FRANE is a sustainable, fairtrade, organic movement brand for sports- and streetwear. Our clothing represents the original spirit of training together while being open minded to the natural evolution of sports and disciplines that evolve with it. Practitioners of parkour, art du déplacement, freerunning or ninja sports do different movements but share the same roots. Skateboarding underwent a very similar evolution from freestyle skating to street-, vert-, and downhill (aka. Longboard) skaters. Bicycle sports have an even longer history: Road racing, mountain biking, BMX, dirt, downhill, unicycling… Every single one of us has found his individual passion, but all of us move together!

Why prehistoric designs?

Well who doesn’t like dinosaurs? They are fascinating in lots of different ways. First of all, they are a symbol for evolution. Every single one of us evolves. Sports evolve. Evolution and change is what keeps this world alive! At the same time prehistory teaches us, that evolving into just one direction leaves you less adaptable. Let me explain: Dinosaurs got extinct when climate got cooler in consequence of a meteorite impact (or other reasons). T-Rex probably was one of the best hunters ever existed, but it was used to a warm climate that heats up his body in the morning. Its power was getting useless. If we practise just one skill and max it out, we will probably be unable to adapt to new situations. Stay diverse! Stay adaptive!


In the world today you have to particularly look for fair trade, eco-friendly, recycled or organic fashion. But sustainability shouldn’t be something to search for, it has to be everywhere around us and available to everybody. That’s why FRANE complies with worldwide valid standards for an ecological and socially responsable textile production. Printing is even done locally and sometimes by myself. All products adhere to GOTS, Fair Wear or other well known certificates. More information can be found at global-standard.org or fairwear.org.


Hey, it’s me Eddy and I found home in the Parkour/ADD community, but I also do slacklining, unicycling or skating from time to time. Variety is a consistent part of my life, so I studied geology, but worked as a web designer and online manager whereas in my free time I’m a videographer who designs clothing or even terrarium interior. Project FRANE brings it all together: Sports, fascination for evolution, short social media videos and an online shop! (I didn’t find a way to include terrariums, YET.)
I’m very happy to finally give something back to the community and contribute to a healthier planet Earth!