T-Rex sunbath with FRANE Abyssal Cult Shirt

First Shooting

First off: Thank y’all for the positive feedback on the very first prototype of the Abyssal Cult Longshirt! You kept me motivated and it finally found its way into the shop! Check it out! –> Abyssal Cult Shirt The man behind the lens Before it could hit the shop I needed awesome photos that are […]

Sibirien im späten Perm in meiner Vorstellung, Foto aus Nicaragua, Cerro Negro

Mesozoic Era Day

The Mesozoic began 252 Mio. years ago (25.2.!). This era is marked by the extinction of ~96% of all sea creatures and 75% of land based animals most likely due to heavy volcanic activity in Siberia (Siberian Trap). There is nothing like a specific evidence but the mass extinction and volcanic activity just happened at […]

Hubble's sharpest view of the Orion Nebula

NASA contact

Wow, employees of the NASA are as fast as their rockets! 😉 I just texted the responsible person for copyright stuff, cos I want to use the the image of the Orion nebula on the front page. Every private person is free to do so, but in that case it’s commercial. So it’s saver to […]