Mesozoic Era Day

Mesozoic Era Day

The Mesozoic began 252 Mio. years ago (25.2.!). This era is marked by the extinction of ~96% of all sea creatures and 75% of land based animals most likely due to heavy volcanic activity in Siberia (Siberian Trap). There is nothing like a specific evidence but the mass extinction and volcanic activity just happened at the very same time. You should think about it more like all these lovely beings died from late concequences instead of getting hit by a single massive lava stream:

Volcanic eruptions emit CO2. The sequence of several strong eruptions in a short time period may have overwhelmed the atmosphere and the oceans and the natural CO2 cycle was getting out of balance. This caused higher global temperature and superacid oceans. As we see today, global warming might have caused melting permafrost soil and destabilising methane hydrate in the sea. Thus, huge amounts of methane were released into the atmosphere, which also is a green house gas.

Concerning today’s global warming: we don’t have that much volcanic activity going on at the moment, so sure this is not an argument for our own climate catastrophe.

Sibirien im späten Perm in meiner Vorstellung, Foto aus Nicaragua, Cerro Negro
At the beginning of the Mesozoic Siberia could have looked like this in my imagination. (Nicaragua, Cerro Negro)
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