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Abyssal Cult Longshirt


Risen from the deepest parts of the abyss: Evidence of early intelligent life in form of printed hieroglyphs. The mystery of what creature could have worn such a longshirt has still to be solved. The unique backprint suggests it had a spine at least. Anyway, it suits Humanoids and T-Rex pretty damn well. Everything from that era comes organic and fairtrade!

T-Rex is 1,78 m and Ms. Raptor is 1,72 m. Both wear size M.

Earthpositive Longshirt with 150g/m² fabric weight.

Color: Black
100% Organic Cotton (GOTS)

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Longshirts from Earthpositive (member of the Fair Wear Foundation) are super soft and comfy just life a smooth silky second skin! The fabric weight of 150g/m² makes it strong enough to last for endless exercising days, but is lightsome for massive jumps and session in the summer sun. Besides training, its also a stylish companion for your everyday or even night life. It is produced under global organic standards “GOTS” and the print is affectionately hand made.

Color: Black
100% Organic Cotton (GOTS)

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) stands for ecological and socially responsable textile production. The aim is to define requirements that apply world-wide for every manufacturing step from harvesting of raw materials to labeling the finished product.
The Fair Wear Foundation set themselves the task to improving labor conditions of hundred thousends of workers who are involved in the manufacturing process of fabrics and clothing for FWF-member companies. More information about there engagement can be found at fairwear.org


S, M, L, XL


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