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The mother of universities finally got its first merch! Like a pioneer it was inspiration for the well known monster university as well as Miskatonic University of Arkham! Long lost knowledge about sustainably inhabit the earth has been taught here for millions of years! Our prehistoric friends wear it with pride every day, will you?

Stanley/Stella Gym Bag with heavy 300g/m² fabric weight.

Color: Black
80% Recycled Cotton
20% Recycled Polyester

As a small business owner in the sense of § 19 Abs. 1 UStG no sales tax is calculated.

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Gym bags of Stanley / Stella (member of the Fair Wear Foundation) are insanely resilient due to there 300 g/m² fabric weight! Your keys, your sharpened pencils or your groceries can barely break this thick recycled cotton fabric! Even the drawcord is clearly heavier than you have noticed on other gym bags. Additionally, the robust gun metal eyelets make it a long-lasting slow fashion gym bag!

Color: Black
80% Recycled Cotton
20% Recycled Polyester


The Fair Wear Foundation set themselves the task to improving labor conditions of hundred thousends of workers who are involved in the manufacturing process of fabrics and clothing for FWF-member companies. More information about there engagement can be found at


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