Wird geladen...
  • Life evolves. Sports evolve. You evolve.

    prehistoric Styles since 252.000.000 B.C.

eco-friendly streetstyle for your every day life!

FRANE combines movement culture with sustainability and printdesign. Thus, your clothing is more than just a logo on a shirt. Cos you beautiful movers also need clothing that can be worn besides the training. Or go naked...

Excerpt from an interview with T-REX, head of the
"Forces of Reptiles and Ammonites against a Non-sustainable Earth"

”With dinosaurs leading, Pangaea existed for approximately 160 Mio years and humans got it all wrong in less than 2 Mio years… You seriously need help! Even with short arms or way too long necks we can make it easier for you movers to find sustainable clothing! It’s simple. I’ll show you!”