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First Shooting

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T-Rex sunbath with FRANE Abyssal Cult Shirt

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First off: Thank y’all for the positive feedback on the very first prototype of the Abyssal Cult Longshirt! You kept me motivated and it finally found its way into the shop! Check it out! –> Abyssal Cult Shirt

The man behind the lens

Before it could hit the shop I needed awesome photos that are close to the epicness of the shirt itself 😉 So I spoke to no other than Jonas Zeidler Photography. A friend of mine who’s not only known for his movement skills, but especially for insane sports photos. We hang out for quite a while now and I can tell tell you: He always got „the view“ for nice composing and bringing the vibe of jumping into his pictures. He was very keen on experimenting with product photography and instantly came with crazy cool ideas.

Glimpses of the Making of

The mid-air shots of shirts and bags that look like jumping through the scenery are one thing he wanted to try and it turned out well! In fact it was me who had to show some throwing skills by leaving the shirt floating in the air in a good position and also getting out of the picture quickly. The other photos and compositions just came naturally when walking along the training spot we chose.
I’m very happy some friends came around. They helped us producing even more material, so I could edit a „Making of Jonas Zeidler Photography“ again (watch it above!). They also wore the new shirts and helped us getting some sick shots! Some of them can be found on this website, so go and explore a little. Jonas and I are about to to publish more of them on Instagram. There was a real T-Rex involved in the shooting you havn’t seen yet! Don’t miss out and give it a follow! 🤗

Jonas Zeidler: Link for Desktop, Link for App

FRANE: Link for Desktop, Link for App

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