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Hubble's sharpest view of the Orion Nebula

Wow, employees of the NASA are as fast as their rockets! 😉 I just texted the responsible person for copyright stuff, cos I want to use the the image of the Orion nebula on the front page. Every private person is free to do so, but in that case it’s commercial. So it’s saver to ask.

I tried my very best and put my heart into it to present a perfect mail for the guys in the states. The answer came in less than 30 minutes:

That is fine.

And no more further words! They seem to be pretty chilled over there. Very sympathetic! I asked 4-5 questions and all of them were just answered with these three words.
Regarding to more pictures I might want to upload, I now just simple think: That is fine!
More information about the image of the Orion nebula and the picture itself can be found at the Hubble-Site!

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